InterGoldiva Ltd. is managed
by a team that has more than
12 years of experience in Portugal
and over 30 years in international trade.

We have launched Kushbu tea, which means “Aroma” in several Asian languages. Kushbu tea is a Portuguese brand focused in premium market. Our teas are from everywhere in the world, although final packaging is produced in Portugal in several formats.


Kushbu tea has allowed our team to gain international distribution network. Additionally,

we are involved in managing Olive plantations across the country and in olive oil trading.

Today we do not process olives, but it is our aim to develop a filling and packaging unit of Olive Oil by 2016.


Trusting that Portugal has good agro-products although not so internationally exposed, we are confident that InterGoldiva can promote the best agro-foods from our country, satisfying niche markets worldwide.





We are open to develop export partnerships with other brands (local and international brands) that do not have Operational & Sales activities in countries where are already operating.


Diemme is an Italian premium coffee brand, which is exclusively represented by InterGoldiva Ltd. in Portugal, Angola & Mozambique.


Our Mission:

To distribute high quality food & beverage products on international markets and increase their awareness.